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The 5 Best Manual Lawn Edgers Reviewed

manual lawn edger reviews

Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby for plenty of people, but those just starting to get into their yard work can feel a little overwhelmed by how much they need to do. You’ve got to mow, trim, prune, plant, water, and more. If you’re not ready to do so much, it’s easy to get caught out. However, these are all regular garden tasks that everyone thinks about, and one thing that novice gardeners don’t consider is edging their lawn with a manual lawn edger.

But you must ask yourself whether lawn edging is even that important? Well, yes, of course it is. Everything in your garden thrives on balance, and lawn edging can provide this balance to help your garden bloom and thrive.

A manual lawn edger will make your garden look neat and organized, but it also provides a clear and established border for your flower beds, which keeps up the aesthetics, and it will also maximize the look and appeal of your home by keeping stray blades of grass at bay. Whether you’re got a small yard or a sprawling piece of land, manual lawn edgers can keep your home looking pristine and also give you the chance to get outside and do some hard work. Here are the best manual lawn edger products for you.

Best Manual Lawn Edgers

1. Truper 32100

Truper 32100 review
The Truper 32100

The Truper 32100 is our favorite manual lawn edger for several reasons. For one, it brings together everything you could need from a lawn edger, blending efficiency, performance, and effectiveness to trim away stray grass at the edge of your lawn to keep everything in place.

The sharp rotating blades are ideal for keeping your driveway clear, while the long, ergonomic handle means you can run it along the edges without needing to bend down and get your shears out. This isn’t just convenient, but also comfortable, and means you can get through your garden maintenance chores with ease and still have plenty of time to relax later on.

The North American Ash handle is secure and durable, giving you peace of mind when using it, while the clear-coated heads, finished with gray steel, are robust and easy to care for. You can keep it clean by washing it down with a hose with no fears of the unit rusting, providing exceptional confidence, and ensuring that our first lawn edging adventure is just as successful as your first.

The accuracy is also unparalleled, and if you’ve never used a lawn edger before, you will be surprised at how efficient it is. With just one pass, you can remove all the grass and weeds that are intruding on your driveway or sidewalk, leaving the area as clear as it was when you moved in. It is just as reliable for unusual angles as it is straight lines, giving you a versatile solution to various potential lawn care problems.

2. True Temper 28112200

True Temper 28112200 review
The True Temper 28112200

The True Temper 28112200 offers convenience and quality to ensure your garden maintenance duties are made more accessible than ever before. It’s arguably the most user-friendly option available, providing a range of handy features that takes the hassle out of clearing the edges of your driveway, pavement, and flower beds that your typical lawnmower is incapable of reaching.

So why is it so effective? For starters, the self-sharpening blades put it a cut above competitors. While it may not seem like a significant feature to anyone lacking experience with lawn edgers, this will save plenty of time while also guaranteeing an efficient job whenever your edges get a little too wild for your liking. Consistently sharp blades will make quick work of any job, as you can trim away stray blades in a single pass without needing to go back on yourself, which enables you to focus on other aspects of the lawn that demand your attention.

And what else? The dual wheels provide unrestrained movement and exceptionally stable traction on a range of surfaces, including grass and concrete. This ensures accurate trimming to make sure everything stays level, which is especially crucial if you’re someone who takes considerable pride in their lawn, as you should do.

Finally, it’s cushion-end grip guarantees comfort and makes it suitable for extensive trimming tasks as much as smaller jobs. This feature means it’s ideal for both domestic and commercial projects, delivering quality results whether you’re completing the work for yourself or a customer and allowing you to look over a job well done every time.

3. Radius Garden 206

Radius Garden 206 review
The Radius Garden 206

Simple but effective, the Radius Garden 206 gives you an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally loud and high-powered lawn edgers. If you’re someone who prefers peace and quiet and likes to feel they’ve worked hard for their pristine lawn, this is an excellent option for you.

It comes with a half-moon-shaped edge that allows swift and straightforward use, making it ideal for slicing through the grass and any lingering sod leftover from previous garden exploits. This half-moon shape is constructed using durable stainless steel that promotes longevity. The carbon-resin steel shaft is one of the most robust around so that you can exert the necessary force without the risk of it bending or breaking. Anyone who has worked in a garden in any capacity knows how crucial such variability is, and it means you can get on with your work with absolute confidence.

It’s easy to use, making it suitable for beginners, while the o-ring handle means you can obtain the necessary purchase required for cutting down on stubborn weeds. If you’ve got flower beds planted within your yard, you can use this edger to clear away the perimeter with ease, and even if these beds are on the larger side, it is efficient enough to get through in around an hour, depending on how hard you work.

Overall, this provides an effortless experience that will make you wonder why you avoided investing in a lawn edger for so long. However, now you’ve got it, you’re sure to be unstoppable.

4. AMES 2917200

AMES 2917200 review
The AMES 2917200

The AMES 2917200 provides something slightly different from what we’ve seen already, but this is far from a bad thing. Rather than rely on straight-edge blades for all your edging needs, this option provides sharp and effective teeth to give you some extra oomph when cleaning up the edges of your lawn.

Its half-moon design makes it ideal for a range of lawn styles, including both straight and curved, and this provides the optimal level of versatility you need for the neatest and most satisfying results. It also enables you to remove any sod easily, so much so that you’ll not even break a sweat, and it might make you actually look forward to the trickier side of your yard work, which is good news for everybody.

The AMES is perfect for anyone with long and thick grass that seems to get tougher every time you leave it to grow even half a centimeter too long. With it, the T-shaped handle allows you to get the ideal amount of leverage when cutting away and shifting grass or sod (or both), while the steel handle makes it more durable than wooden counterparts. If you’re planning on using this edger as often as you need to, or even in commercial environments, such durability is a must. Here, you can make sure that you start and finish every edging project with confidence.

For these substantial jobs, you’ll also find that the handle is comfortable, mastering the ergonomic side of things to guarantee efficient and straightforward use that may not even force you to break a sweat.

5. Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long-handle Steel Edger

Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long-handle Steel Edger review
The Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long-handle Steel Edger

The Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long-handle Steel Edger is the most effective choice for taller users or even anyone with a bad back. This is thanks to the extra-long handle that reduces back pains and strains, meaning you can work harder for longer, making your lawn care projects more effortless than ever before.

Like any decent edger, it’s ideal for driveways and sidewalks, and you’ll also find that it’s suitable for trimming overgrown grass around your flower beds as well as digging trenches to install irrigation lines for your plants. The steel blader cuts easily through even the most stubborn turf, and this enables you to speed through your projects with ease without sacrificing quality. You’ll find that it’s more effective than you imagined, and this will help you relax easily on a lazy Sunday afternoon knowing it’s been a job well done, until next time.

It also comes with a substantially larger head compared to some other options, and in this case, bigger is indeed better. The larger head means a broader weight distribution, allowing you to push your entire body weight down to clear more grass at once. If you’re in a rush (or dislike doing garden work for too long), this is a feature that should interest you.

The plastic handle makes it lightweight and easy to use, although there may be some reservations over durability. Even so, it still provides exceptional results, and with such a versatile range of applications, you’re guaranteed a tool that you can rely on for as many garden tasks as you need, and perhaps even more that you’ve not realized yet.

How To Use A Manual Lawn Edger

This is an excellent video that demonstrates how to properly use a manual lawn edger: