Best Snow Blower for Large Driveways

The 5 Best Snow Blowers for Large Driveways Reviewed

snow blower for large driveway reviews

With winter just around the corner, the thought of heavy snow might be creeping into your mind. If you don’t like snow but happen to live in an affected area, it can be stressful. The arrival of snow means you have a lot of extra work to do. Most if that extra work is back-breaking labor unless you have a power tool ready at your disposal.

If you want to be prepared to easily clear away heavy snowfall from your driveway, pathways, pavements, and local streets, it makes sense to think ahead and consider your options. If you don’t want to get into back-breaking shovel work this winter, then a snow blower is your best option.

A snow blower can be motorized – normally electric these days – or pushed like a lawnmower. They use auger blades to slice easily through light snow and compacted ice and disperse it through an angled chute. In the depths of winter, when you need your car out of the driveway, or the road cleared for the local school bus, a snow blower is worth its weight in gold.

Best Snow Blowers for Large Driveways

1. Husqvarna ST224P

Husqvarna ST224P review
The Husqvarna ST224P

With winter just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to prepare for the snow. In the depths of winter, deep snow can cause havoc when you’re trying to get to work in the morning or to the shops on the weekend. The Husqvarna Snow Blower makes life easier with some excellent features. The machine is designed for anyone to use and provide maximum comfort and usability.

The Husqvarna Single-Stage snowblower uses multi-ply reinforced auger blades designed to make an immediate impact with the ground and sweep the snow efficiently. Forget about heavy shovel work or messy salt; the snowblower makes your driveway clear and active with a minimal effort. When the snow arrives, you can rest easy knowing that the job of clearing it is now far simpler.

Or perhaps you’re the sort of person who can’t wait for the snow to try out the new machine. That’s not surprising. Clearing away mountains of snow with the blower’s premium engine, precision controls, heavy-duty construction, and easy use is more of a hobby than a chore. Feel connected to your machine, and together, throughout the winter, you will triumph against the snow.

The snowblowers’ heavy-duty auger is not only effective in wet snow, but it will also cut through ice quite easily. It’s electric, so you can plug it in to charge, and it has heated handles for added comfort. As you power through the snow in your drive, you will be thankful for the remote chute deflecting the excess snow to the side.


YARDMAX YB6770 review

Yardmax is a market-leading brand supplying valuable and competitive priced outdoor power equipment. Their products are durable and affordable, meaning you get the job done right and for an excellent price. If you live in an area affected by winter snow, it makes sense to invest in a snowblower, so you’re prepared when the depths of winter arrive. The Yardmax Snowblower is one to consider.

What sets this snowblower apart is the balance of features and price. It uses powerful blades able to cut through more than a foot of snow and large clear areas with relative ease. During and after heavy snowfalls, the snowblower will help the user to clear driveways, throughways, and important paths comfortably and without fatigue. It does this with an excellent heavy-duty design and user-friendly features.

The snow blower’s easy-to-start engine is vital for those cold winter nights and mornings when you would rather be anywhere else. The last thing you need is for the engine of your snowblower to splutter and gasp for life when you need to get the driveway clear. The Yardmax uses a 7.0 HP 208 cc electric start snow engine, so you know it won’t let you down.

Depending on where you live and what kind of snowfall you receive, you might have to adapt the blades or type of machine you use. Not with the Yardmax. The Yardmax uses serrated steel augers with an ax-shaped housing design. These augers are specially engineered to cut through snow that’s over a foot deep and even hard-packed ice. Regardless of your weather challenges, having a Yardmax in the garage ensures you’re well covered.

3. Briggs & Stratton 1024

Briggs & Stratton 1024 review
The Briggs & Stratton 1024

The Briggs & Stratton brand has been manufacturing high-quality outdoor power equipment for over a century. Their name has become synonymous with dependability and efficiency. These two words also describe the Briggs & Stratton 1024, a top of the range dual-stage snowblower. This machine is capable of clearing a wide path and benefits from a 20-inch intake height, excellent for clearing sidewalks, driveways, and paths.

This electric-powered snowblower with a push-button start is perfect for those freezing winter mornings when you need to finish the job fast. The Briggs & Stratton won’t let you down; it’s also designed to be robust and durable enough to be relied upon when needed. The friction disk transmission works tremendously well in heavy snowfall and also cleans the pavement.

The Briggs & Stratton also features reversible skid shoes to make plowing through heavy snow and ice much easier. Imagine if they weren’t reversible, you would find yourself stuck fairly often and expend valuable energy trying to dig out your plow instead of making progress with the job. Reversible treads eliminate this issue and support you with efficient maneuvering.

The Briggs & Stratton snow series engine is another stand out feature of this top of the range snowplow. To ensure your plow can tackle any reasonable snow and ice cover, the brand has developed a powerful snow engine that is qualified to tackle conditions down to -20. The engine uses 208cc and features a 9.5 pounds of gross torque. Don’t worry again about whether your plow will manage a job; you can comfortably remove the majority of snow in your area.

4. PowerSmart DB7622H

PowerSmart DB7622H review
The PowerSmart DB7622H

Clear snow like an absolute pro. The versatile control panel, remote chute control, and 180 chute rotation make your job simple. The 212cc PowerSmart Manual Start engine will give you up to 40 ft. of throwing distance. It is guaranteed to start up to -20 F. The heavy-duty steel frame and auger system will provide years of dependable service.

The Powersmart is a professionals choice. Capable of operating in extremely low temperatures and clearing snow with a 40-foot throwing distance, this plow will easily clear golf course and hotel parking lots, never mind your driveway and local streets. It has a powerful engine, a versatile control panel, and a remote Chute with 180-degree rotation. Never get caught cold with the Powersmart snowblower.

The Powersmart may not be the most well-known brand name, but it has excellent capabilities and matches the market’s top brands. For the money, this snowblower packs a punch. Fire up the manual start 2-stage gas snowblower engine during the first snow of the season, and you’d be surprised by how powerful and efficient it can be. It will turn a two-hour job into a 30-minute job with ease.

A stand out feature if this machine is the clearing width of 22 inches and a clearing depth of 16 inches. This makes it a perfect choice for heavy snow cover areas or large areas such as golf courses and parking lots. The machine is easy to assemble and fuel. Once up and running, it trundles through snow and ice nicely. It features a versatile drive system with four forward and two backward speed variations.

5. Briggs & Stratton 1022ER

Briggs & Stratton 1022ER review
The Briggs & Stratton 1022ER

Briggs & Stratton have been around for over a hundred years of manufacturing excellent outdoor equipment. Their name has become synonymous with dependability and efficiency. The Briggs & Stratton 1022ER is another industrial-strength machine designed to tackle the toughest conditions with efficiency and dependability. It is easy to use, with a push-button starter, and can maneuver well over different terrains and in awkward positions.

In extreme conditions, when your drive or street is impassable with snow, you’re locked in unless you have a community of shovels or a Briggs and Stratton. Even in these extreme conditions, down to 20 degrees below zero, this machine is guaranteed to start first time with its push-button system and power through the street, throwing snow to the side. Be the hero this winter with Brigg & Stratton.

Don’t fret about snow flying in all directions, however. The Briggs and Stratton uses a handle-mounted remote chute rotation, allowing you to alter the snow’s trajectory as you work. If you need to clear your way through the street but avoid covering the cars in extra snow, you can do this by adjusting the chute remotely with your panel controls. You can also change the height and distance snow is thrown with a simple squeeze of the handle.

Furthermore, the Briggs and Stratton uses rubber-edged, water-resistant auger blades that clear the snow right down to the pavement. Never worry about the blades becoming rusty or having to work the area over. With the Briggs and Stratton, you get what you pay for, which is an exceptionally high-quality tool that will serve you well over many seasons.

How To Use A Snow Blower

While using a snowthrower may seem complicated to some people, it is actually relatively simple. For a good tutorial on how to use one, watch this video: